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Voice & Performance Coaching

Who would you like to be 
as a Singer & Performer?

Let Suzi help you develop your technique, mindset and vocal abilities
 as well as creating a strong self-believe image and boosting confidence as a Musician & Artist

“The only thing better than singing is more singing.”
– Ella Fitzgerald

About Vocal Coach


Suzi has over 10 years of teaching experience and over 15 years performing experience (over 800 live performances throughout the world) as a professional Singer, Backing Vocalist, Musician and Vocal Coach and is available for voice coaching online sessions using Zoom link.

Suzi is a certified CoreSinging Teacher and has trained with one of the leading pedagogues
Dr. Meribeth Dayme, these teaching principles are incorporated into the Central School of Speech and Drama and Glasgow Conservatoire where Meribeth gave yearly guest lectures.
Suzi is one of a number of leading voice professionals to be endorsed including Elizabeth Blades Skinner and Janet Thompson.

She has worked with some of the most respected people in the music industry including Gareth Young, has had coaching with Kim Chandler, attended Estill and Teaching Belt Safely Workshop led by Charlotte Shorthouse, Vocal Anatomy and Physiology Training with Declan Costello, Voice Geek conferences led by Debbie Winter and is continuously learning new techniques to reach the highest standards within the vocal and mental abilities so they can be passed onto her students

Suzi's One on One online session include:

- Correct Mindset for singing

- Warm up Techniques

- Vocal exercises

- Vocal & Mental direction around songs

- Vocal & Mental direction whilst recording

- Stage Performance Advice

- Preparations for Auditions

Sessions are focused on technical, energetic and mental side of vocal development to give each Artist confidence and knowledge of their 'instrument' and their body

Suzi specialises is Pop, she also teaches ABRSM Musical Theatre, ABRSM Classical and RSL Grades

'I love what I do, I feel complete when an Artist comes to me and says "It's working"! Only then I feel like I've done my job properly!'
(Suzi on working with her students)

Suzi has an extreme talent in finding the right harmonies in any genre and any song. She has been chosen by many of her clients as a backing vocalist for their original songs as well as supporting other Artists on their live performances. She is fast and in tune so there is no time wasted therefore it's a great way of getting your song to a top quality. If you are a producer and would like Suzi featured on any your songs as lead or backing vocalist please do not hesitate to contact SuPeREC.

Suzi studied music from the age of 7, she has been trained both in theory and music, can play instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, recorder and accordion. She has been performing in both music and acting with encouragement from her mentors to always reach the highest level.

She has over 15 years of experience in live performance throughout the UK, Europe and the world as a Solo Act - Guitarist as well as CHECKMATE Duo (together with Peter)
They have been chosen for many occasions including weddings, parties and other private functions. Suzi & Peter have also been very privileged to have been invited to play on board of The World - Residential Cruise Ship as well as chosen to perform for the Former President of Pandora UK Peter Andersen at his Private Birthday Party. 


SuPeREC offers a preparation for Music exams

SuPeREC offers a preparation for Music exams

Many music students like to take exams as a mark of their progress. There is a choice of examining board for students who are learning an instrument in the contemporary (RSL) or classical (ABRSM) tradition.


RSL was founded on an ethos to provide innovative, contemporary qualifications for music and the arts.



The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music is an internationally renowned music examining board.


"Our daughter Holly has been coached by Suzi for 15 months and it has been a very rewarding experience. Suzi is friendly, knowledgeable and patient with her students and as a result Holly has grown in confidence and self-belief, so much so that she now believes she has the talent to make a career in music. We would highly recommend Suzi to all singers who wish to fulfil their potential."

"Suzi Burgerova changed my life...not only was she able to 'give' my voice back to me, but she also allowed my confidence to grow both in my singing and in my personal life. Suzi is honest, methodical and as far as I am concerned a miracle worker. I've had many excellent teachers in my life...and a few awful ones along the way, but Suzi understands the very delicate balance and harmony between the body, mind and soul, which is a very rare quality. She is a strict teacher, but knows how to draw the best qualities from her students. I will continue to work with Suzi to enhance my vocal capacity and strongly recommend her to anyone with a dream to succeed in the music industry."

Both my daughter and I have vocal coaching with Suzi and as we've never done it before we decided to record a Rock Duet! From getting us warmed up, to recording the vocal parts, through mixing and post production, Suzi & Peter were professional and encouraging. They have superb knowledge, are great fun to be around and have the tech to deliver a first class experience. We have the BEST time - so much so that we are thinking about recording again. Thoroughly recommended!

If you have any other queries that are not listed such as preparation for performance or vocal recording assessment please feel free to contact us. 

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